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THERA WOMEN materializes a woman's inner beauty and strength into a dress. THERA WOMEN Feeling focuses on dresses for everyday wear, custom-made along with the client. Together, we choose materials, shapes, and colours, giving them new meanings, and hence building a strong relationship between the wearer and her future magical dress.

We opt for natural, environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality, and with the most pleasant touch. We approach each request with our full attention, and every creation is powerful and unique.


The price of the dress ranges from CZK 5,000 and depends on the complexity of the model and the amount of work. When creating a dress, we consult with you about your wishes and our design, we draw the pattern according to your measurements. We create a cotton test model, and in two or more fittings we adjust the final model.

Contact us and together we will make your dream dress come true.


We create dresses in the warm atmosphere of our atelier in Vlašim, and we plan to open a showroom in Prague and Brno after the current epidemic constraints. Scroll bellow for our gallery of selected dresses.

FEELING 2020 sketch wild at heart.jpg
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Wild at Heart

Versatile dress in the colour of the night sky.

The simplicity of this piece has accommodated a few sophisticated details such as a gently draped front, and the soft satin hem of the skirt.

The dress can be worn both in everyday life, in cultural events, or in celebrations.

The nature surroundings invited the wild heart to be revealed.

Wild at Heart
FEELING 2020 sketch liquid metal.jpg
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Liquid Metal

Evening dress made for cultural events, celebrations and special occasions. The dress can be worn in several different styles thanks to its remarkable variability.

The dress can play freely in a dance around the body, or be tightened by a belt in order to create an eye-catching drapery.

It is possible to tighten the dress only partly, leaving the back loose and free, almost turning it into a cape or a bride's train.

Photos by Petra Turková

Liquid Metal
FEELING 2020 sketch Clothes Memory Aubre
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Clothing as a dear memory


A wedding dress is often kept home for decades – as a memory of a special ceremony and a life transition. However, the story of this dress has not ended yet!


Going back in time, this lace dress was dyed black in order to be worn also after the wedding.


The grandchildren, two sisters, rediscovered the dress and decided to inflate it with a new spirit. This old wedding dress became a new skirt for one sister, and a new blouse for the other, respecting the family's heritage and the memory of their beloved grandmother.

Dear Memory
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