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THERA WOMEN Ceremonial brings to life your innermost dreams, in the form of a dress. We create custom, hand-made dresses according to the wishes of the future bride. Together, we will search for THE dress, enhancing the bride's character, deep beauty, and self-confidence. THERA WOMEN honours the sensitivity of a woman's soul while allowing for her empowerment.

We value the individual needs of each bride. We opt for natural, environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality, and with the most pleasant touch. We can even incorporate some level of versatility so that the dress may be worn past the ceremony.
Our wedding dresses are, on average, from CZK 27,000 to CZK 32,000, including materials and fittings. Complex designs or delicate materials may impact the price. We are happy to take any urgent orders, although we would advise starting 6 months prior to the ceremony.
We create dresses in the warm atmosphere of our atelier in Vlašim, and we plan to open a showroom in Prague and Brno after the current epidemic constraints. Scroll bellow for our gallery of selected dresses.
Šaty byly nádherné a pohodlné jako druhá kůže!
Tolik lásky v jednom kusu látky.
Děkuji za nádherné a pohodlné šaty i za úžasný proces tvoření a šití.
Salmon Tencel & Ivory Nature Wedding Dress
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"Dreamy. Irresistible. Romantic."


Two-piece dress for a wedding ritual in the nature, using transparencies to explore the contrast of their salmon and ivory colours.

The see-through silk skirt comes with a separated silk belt. The round open back is decorated by hand-sewn beige flower lace and hand-painted feathers.


A matching small sized dress was made for the daughter of the bride, as well as a bow tie for the groom.

Photos  in the nature by Matějkovi

"Dreamy. Irresistible. Romantic."

Salmon Tencel & Ivory Silk
Ivory Viscose & Silk Nature Wedding Dress
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"Tender. Sexy. Fairylike."

A nature-oriented three-pieced wedding dress in ivory and blue detail.

The transparent blouse and train are removable to add to the comfort of the bride, and to signal each stage of the ceremony.

The essence of the dress captures the charm of ancient fairytales while exhibiting the elegance of modern, powerful woman.

Photos by Michal Buchta Photography

„Něžná. Sexy. Vílí.“
Slonoviny Viskóza & hedvábí
Ivory Viscose & Autumn Colour Polyester Wedding Dress
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"Timeless. Authentic. Autumn."

This creation used Autumn as an inspiration to project beauty across eras, resulting in a unique three-piece dress intending to stand the test of time.

Consisting of a bodysuit, a skirt, and transparent blouse, each of the parts were designed to be worn separately after the wedding.

A matching bow tie was made for the groom.

Photos in the nature by Andrej Kostin

"Timeless. Authentic. Autumn."

Ivory Viscose & Mustard Polyester
Nature wedding dresses
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Photos by:

1 - Barbora Mráčková

2 - Jitka Hirst

3 and 4 - Petra Truková

5 - Jakub Šmakal

6 - Karel Fořt

7 - Tereza Turková

8 - Lucie Slováková

Reach out to us to learn how we can make the dress of your dreams come to life.

In a meeting in person or through a conference call we will capture your vision, or help you find the design to suit your body and soul.

Talk to us to learn how we can make your most special moment even more meaningful.

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