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Atélier TheraPietra

The Ateliér TheraPietra is a place of community and female empowerment created and led by two proactive women: Tereza Turková and her passion for fashion and Petra Turková and her eye for photography.

Together, more than a creative base for each other, they enable a space for arts, culture, and friendships by hosting various events to welcome new experiences in the region.

In the very last days of 2015, the two cousins Tereza and Petra finally decided to build their studio, and to start making their dreams come true.

Check Petra's photography on her Instagram: @pietra_photo       &       follow our Ateliér on facebook: @atelier.therapietra

Red Dress Project


Prior to her departure to Finland, Tereza Turková was in between worlds as she came up with a simple thought: to empower women through fashion, as a means of self-expression. Through the creation of a dress, Tereza wanted to provide a group of women with the opportunity of searching inside for the dream of a perfect dress. This wasn't just any dress. This was to be The Dress, the dress of all dresses. Their Red Dress.


The call was to take a leap of faith: 'look within, project your ideal self into your own piece of clothing, and help making it'. The dress was to be processed by their feelings, matured in their gatherings, and described in ideas shared with this group of soon-to-be friends. The diversity of people - and their willingness to feel, together, brought openness that allowed growth to each of the participants.


The drafts of dresses contained much of their own personality, but also traces of this newborn community. Through exercises bordering therapy, the group found ways to dig deeper, bonding in an almost secret pact. Step by step, the fabrics were chosen, the colours were picked, and that individuality became even clearer: 9 different designs, 9 different sets of material, and 9 different tonalities.


As time went by, as people dug deeper, the sense of belonging took over. Making the dresses became an event, friends and family coming to help make the dream come true. Intensity was only equalled by enthusiasm. The final date grew closer, and the passion became unavoidable. In a final push, all dresses were ready for an intimate photo session, and for the pinnacle of the project, the fashion show.

Wearable Memories Project


Two skirts came out of the collaborative project of the illustrator Cécile Schneider and the clothing designer Tereza Turková. ​


The skirts represent memories of the beauty of the Lapland Nature and a wonderful friendship, two main features they appreciate the most about their year-long stay.


This was the recycling of a curtain material bought in a second-hand shop. After observing the fabric and noticing that it reflects light in a similar manner as the snow of the Finish landscape, they decided to use it. In fact, the fabric allowed for the exact size of the skirts, but only enabled one in-seam pocket for each - as an embracing memory of each other.


The project was exposed at the exhibition "Adaptation Charting". The skirts were hanging on a birch branch, connected by a belt for the period of the exhibition. The installation gained more meanings, as the branch created a bridge across two women, two people, two nationalities. Magically, throughout the exhibition, new green leaves appeared on the branch.

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